Two Ways to Accurately Measure and Apply Torque

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Did you know that most wrenches are made of iron, steel, or other metal alloys so that they are more durable? However, you must store your wrenches in a tool box so that they do not rust or become exposed to other outdoor hazards. Wrenches are a useful tool because they are an effective way to measure torque, and measuring torque correctly is needed in a variety of situations, such as determining how much torque to use in a vehicle fastener. There are two main types of these tools available, though, so it is important to determine which one best fits your torque-measuring needs. 1. Electronic torque wrench. These types of wrenches measure torque by using a strain gauge that is attached to the torsion rod. Once the correct amount of torque is measured, the signal is converted to the required unit of force, and this value is displayed on an electronic screen. These types of torque wrenches provide a clear, precise reading on the amount of tension that is applied to a bolt or nut. As a result, electronic torque wrenches are an effective and accurate way to measure torque. 2. Electric torque screwdriver. Although this type of tool is not a wrench, it has similar mechanisms for measuring torque. Electric torque screwdrivers, similar to drills, apply torque in a rotary motion. There are corded and cordless torque screwdrivers available, and both allow you to apply the correct amount of torque. Torque screwdrivers help you ensure that a screw is not over-tightened or under-tightened, making them a useful way to measure torque. It is important to apply the correct amount of torque, and two main tools are available to help you accomplish this. Electronic torque wrenches and electric torque screwdrivers are effective and accurate ways to measure and apply torque. By determining which tool you need for the job, you will be able to complete your projects more efficiently. Continue.

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