The Importance Of Saving On Medicare Catheter Supplies

Written by Kurt on. Posted in Bladder catheterization, Self catheter supplies, Urinary catheter supplies

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Ordering catheter supplies, which includes Foley catheter supplies, self catheter supplies and urinary catheter supplies, should be an affordable process for your medical care facility. If Medicare catheter coverage is provided in the managed care plans of your patients, you will be able to recapture the cost of your Medicare catheter supplies over time. Medicare catheter supplies will be paid for through the use of these managed care programs, assuming that your patients have Medicare coverage that will pay for their Medicare catheter supplies due to the requirement of a catheter for urologist issues, proctologist issues, gynecologist issues or spinal cord injury issues. The man who invented the disposable catheter, David Sheridan, has been credited with saving a lot of lives. Before he invented the disposable catheter, rubber tubes were used and then reused often, which led to a lot of spread of disease and infection. There are a lot of polymers that get are used during the construction of catheters, which includes latex, silicone rubber, and thermoplastic elastomers. The tom cat, which is a slang name for the intrauterine catheter, can be used to directly insert sperm into a uterus during a procedure for artificial insemination. There is a lot of catheter use following spinal cord injuries, since about 12,000 patients survive these injuries each year, and one out of three of those injuries are caused by an accident in a motor vehicle or to a pedestrian struck by a car, truck, van or other motor vehicle.

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