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Delaware golf courses
On the more than 17,000 golf courses across the United States, there are probably four times as many golfers cursing and lamenting their golf game at any given time. That is likely because it is not an easy game, and the difficulty of the sport can take a bit of the fun out of it for a beginner. But the fun need not be lost if you remember this one thing; golf courses are created to be challenging (and maybe a little frustrating). Therein lies the fun of the sport! If you are a beginner to the game and are seeking a few golf grip tips to get you started (and lessen your chance of embarrassment at your next Delaware golf outing), you have come to the right place. Follow these golf grip tips and you will swinging as fast and hard as the average LPGA pro (well, maybe not 96 mph) but you will still look super cute in those shorts and polo shirt! My first golf grip tips have to do with how you stand at the tee and angle your club. There are three standard golf stances (and ways in which the face of the club should aim); square, open, and closed. Whichever you choose depends on the shot you want to make (chip or pitch, for example), your distance to the ball, and the direction you want that ball to go in. Got that part down? Good. Now onto the golf grip tips. There are several ways to hold a club, but here are the most basic golf grip tips. Lay the grip of the club across the palm of your hand (left hand if you are right handed) and pretend you are shaking hands with it. You would not want to shake someones hand too tight, so consider the same with your golf grip. At this point, if you are right handed, your left hand should be at the top of the shaft of the club. Look down at your left hand; can you see the knuckles of your index and middle finger? If so, you are doing great! You should also see a V that starts at the base of the space between your thumb and index finger. Next, interlock the pinky of your other hand with the index finger of the hand already holding the club. Make sure there are no gaps between your two hands. This overlap is one of the most common grips and subsequently most used golf grip tips for beginners. These golf tips for beginners, including golf grip tips and golf stance tips are designed to help you look like you might know what you are doing. Nothing beats good old hard work and practice, though. So get out on those Wilmington golf courses, crack open a beer, and use these golf grip tips. Remember one more thing, too. If your handicap is lacking, do not belittle your golfing prowess; 80 percent of golfers never get a handicap lower than 18. That being said, go FORE ward to the green (in case you did not know, fore means watch out!) and have fun! Check out this website for more:

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