3 ways businesses today can effectively reach and communicate with customers

Written by Kurt. Posted in Fort myers website design, Naples florida web design, Seo fort myers

Marketing in the 21st century has significantly changed old practices of organizations, as well as views and processes. For example, it was only years ago when plants and equipments are the main assets of the organization. Today, however customers are considered the main assets of any organization. When it comes to revenue, the old view was near term revenue from customers. Today, organizations strive to have lifetime customer value. When it comes to decision making, the previous practice is that products dictate decision making process. Today, the main consideration in decision making is the customers. Finally, a few years back, the measure of profitability is the products. Today, organizations measure profitability through customer profitability. From these it is quite clear that there has been a shift in the organizational process from organization based to customer base. It is therefore clear from these changes that the customer has become the most important factor in the success of any organization today. Thus, for any business it has become necessary to reach and communicate with their customers. How can organization achieve these objectives? First, it is important to look for a Fort Myers internet marketing agency that offers search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the use of methods and techniques that will make websites have higher search engine results. This means customers will be able to see the site when they make their search. This is now important because outbound leads only have 1.7 percent close rate while SEO leads have 14.6 percent close rate. Outbound leads are direct mail and print ads. A good Fort Myers website design or internet marketing agency would be able to attract customers. Second, it is not enough that the Fort Myers marketing or the Miami internet marketing agency provides SEO services. The Fort Myers marketing agency should also be able to create the right content or content marketing. Content marketing includes having the right articles, news, blogs, white papers and press releases. It also includes case studies, how tos and even events. Content marketing and branding are complementary and are directly related. Many companies erroneously believe that SEO and content marketing are separate and distinct. The truth is that they are complementary. With the right content, as provided by the web design Fort Myers or Fort Myers marketing company, the website will have the right content that will strengthen its brand. The brand will establish strong connection with the customers. Third, the Fort Myers marketing agency should have capabilities in marketing using social media. FB has 85 million monthly active users. This means that in just one social media site the company would be able to reach its market faster. It would also be able to specifically target them. It is therefore necessary that the Fort Myers marketing agency, or any marketing agency for that matter including Naples web design companies, to have this capabilities.