Colleges Cut Costs with Online Classes and Philosophy Degrees

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In the past, people attended colleges for one of two different reasons. On the one hand, many young people attended college because they wanted to learn very specialized skills that they could use to acquire very specialized jobs in very specialized industries. On the other hand, many young people attended college because they wanted to acquire broader critical thinking skills from philosophy degrees that they could parlay into a wide variety of different careers in a wide variety of different industries. In the past, colleges were free or at least very affordable. Many different states in many different countries used tax proceeds to finance many people’s educations because citizens believed that society could not function unless each and every citizen earned a college education. Today, however, many colleges have started to adopt for profit models that businesses and major corporations have applied for the last 100 years to great success. Like these businesses, colleges have started to charge hefty fees for their philosophy degrees and their services; sadly, many of these services have little to do with education (such as philosophy degrees) and more to do with creating beautiful campuses and expensive sports stadiums. In order to finance these expensive renovations to their campuses and their expensive sports stadiums, colleges have started raise tuition and other fees. Furthermore, they have done their best to cut down on the number of full time employees that they need to hire and purchase expensive benefits plans for. Instead of hiring several full time tenure track professors to teach college classes which can be used for philosophy degrees, colleges have started to hire part time adjunct instructors who can teach classes which will apply toward philosophy degrees. These adjuncts who teach classes which can be applied toward philosophy degrees often make about 3000 dollars per class, and they receive few (if any) benefits. In addition to hiring adjuncts instead of full time tenure track professors, many colleges have started to offer an online degree in philosophy. By offering these online philosophy degrees instead of forcing students to enroll in physical classes, schools can cut down on the number of tenure track professors that they need to hire; now, one teacher can teach more than 100 students who are taking classes in order to earn a philosophy degree. They can also cut down on the number of buildings and classrooms that they need to build in order to offer these philosophy degrees. Advocates suggest that online classes are better for students because they allow for greater flexibility as these students try to earn their philosophy degrees. Critics condemn these online classes because they reduce the quality of education and encourage colleges to further devalue college education and philosophy degrees. These critics charge that students are no longer paying for an education which is symbolized by their philosophy degrees. Instead, they are simply paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in tuition for the philosophy degrees themselves. Although the colleges themselves insist that these business models will cut costs and increase profits, critics charge that these short sighted policies will destroy the university system within the next fifty years. Read more blogs like this:

How To Earn An Online Degree In Philosophy

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Philosophy degrees are great for those who enjoy dealing with the intangible questions of meaning and importance that surround the human experience. Of course, you’re unlikely to ever have the meaning of life distilled into a simple to understand philosophical answer for you. Nevertheless, if you’d still like to get an online degree in philosophy it will be able to help you in the areas of reflection, logic and critical thinking. These are the skills that are used in attempting to find intellectually relevant answers. So, if all of this is exciting to you but you think that you don’t have time to go to school, maybe an online philosophy degree would be the right answer for you. Whenever you’re ready to get your online degree in philosophy you should take some time to look into the following schools, all of which offer online philosophy degrees: 1. London University offers 2 online degrees in philosophy. A bachelor of arts degree consisting of 10 units and a diploma program consisting of 4 units. The diploma course is a stepping stone to the BA program. The courses’ flexibility allows you 3 to 8 years to complete your degree for approximately 4 thousand dollars. 2. The University of Illinois offers 3 areas of core study including analytical, the history of philosophy and values, which includes ethics. Each concentration requires 8 study hours. You’ll also need to complete 4 hours in your specialty with 32 hours worth of electives and compulsory courses. In order to be accepted for taking your courses online, you’ll need to have taken at least 2 degree level classes in either logic or critical thinking, submit a 1,000 word explanation of your interest in philosophy, submit a 150 word statement explaining why you chose to attend UIS online was chosen and recommend submit a reference letter. Only 25 new students per year are accepted to receive an online degree in philosophy from this school. 3. The American Military University offers a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy, which consists of 121 credits. While tuition typically costs around $30,000, if you’re a military member you may qualify to attend for free. Through these courses you’ll not only earn an online degree in philosophy but you’ll also achieve several objectives including the recognition and application of logic; the composition and critical analysis of a philosophical question; and the analysis and evaluation of philosophical arguments from historical and contemporary sources. Once you’ve successfully completed your online degree in philosophy you can expect to work in one of the following fields: * Public service * Teaching * Research * Journalism * Media * Business