Infomercials and Direct Response TV Are Hugely Effective

Written by Kurt. Posted in Drtv agency, Infomercial company, Infomercial drtv

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Are you hip to the power of infomercial DRTV advertising? For those who aren’t familiar, DRTV stands for “direct response television,” meaning any kind of televised ad where customers are encouraged to contact the company directly, either by calling a phone number or visiting a company website. As we all know, most infomercials fall into this category. But do you realize how many people still rely on TV ads as their main source of product awareness? For Americans, the answer is “most of us.” According to to Deloitte’s 5th Ed. “State of the Media Democracy” survey, about 86 percent of U.S. viewers say TV ads have the greatest impact on their buying habits. This is great news for those who choose to market with infomercial DRTV productions. But producing even a simple infomercial DRTV ad can be a big project. Even a ten minute video, if well cut, will often feature more than two hundred edits. The need for these kind of production values is the bread and butter of DRTV companies and infomercial production companies. And an infomercial production company makes advertising whose results can be measured. In fact infomercial DRTV is one of the only forms of DRTV advertising in which consumer response can be measured directly and accurately. More like this: