What You Need to Know about Accounting

Written by Kurt. Posted in Accounts for small business, How to do your taxes, Small business tax write offs

Calgary accountant
If you asked people to make a list of the most boring jobs in the world, chances are that accountant would rank pretty high. However, you probably would not guess that Janet Jackson, Mick Jagger, Bob Newhart and John Grisham all studied or practiced accounting before they moved on to their star studded careers. What’s more is that accountants are vital to keep businesses running properly. There are many different kinds of accounting. For example, bookkeepers are perhaps the most basic types of accountants. They are responsible for recording the financial transactions of a company. Bookkeepers typically do not need any special education or certification to be bookkeepers. However, other types of accountants study accounting in college and have to pass special certification exams. These accountant are call