What is Corporate Day Care?

Written by Kurt. Posted in Choosing childcare, Corporate childcare, How to choose child care

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Did you know that, according to national statistics, more than 80 percent of kids spend some time in a day care by the age of four? Finding a day care may be a bit difficult for some parents, but by and large, choosing childcare is an excellent decision, especially for working parents. In the first few years of life a human takes in more information than they ever will again in their life. If that learnability is not fostered and taken advantage of, the child can miss out on valuable skills, like learning multiple languages. As a result, some parents look for private day cares that can cater to children’s needs like that. Interestingly, by the age of three, toddlers will have developed around 1,000 trillion connections in his or her brain, which is roughly twice the amount of an average adult. In s