Two reasons why customized postcards is better than online marketing

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Customized postcards
It was in 1940 when the first picture postcard was sent. The postcard was sent by Theodore Hook, a writer. The card has hand drawn caricature of postal workers. Hook sent the card to himself. During the Second World War, soldiers sent postcards to their loved ones. The cards were delicate since they were from embroidered silk mesh. Today postcards have not lost their purpose and worth. Despite the advances in communications, postcards are still being sent by individuals and even companies across the globe. In fact direct mail postcards remain to be effective marketing tool. Every year, marketers send more than 90 billion direct mail every year. This includes business postcards, direct mail postcards, real estate postcards and other customized postcards. For your business, here are two reasons why customized postcards is better than online marketing. First, direct mail postcards are received better than some of the online campaigns. When people receive unsolicited emails for example, they immediately send them to spam folder without opening them. This is why many companies use postcards over online marketing. In 2010 for example, it was estimated that about $153.3 billion were spent by commercial and non profit marketers on direct marketing. This was according to the Direct Marketing Association. Second, direct mail marketing, including direct mail postcards, offers the greatest ROI for B2C marketers, according to a recent survey. This is because custom postcard printing is cheaper. It also has greater response. What you will spend on postcard printing is only a faction on what you will spend on online campaign, such as on email marketing.