Chicken Bones in the Disposal

Written by Kurt. Posted in Appliance repair atlanta, Atlanta icemaker repair, Atlanta washer repair

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I need garbage disposal repair. Why do I need garbage disposal repair? Because my husband put chicken bones in the garbage disposal and clogged it. Now I am sitting here wondering how an otherwise intelligent man would do such a thing. Now I need to find a garbage disposal repair man. Hubby has finally started cleaning out the lint trap in the dryer after convincing him leaving it full reduced efficiency by 75 percent. It took him awhile as the home he grew up in is one of the 4.3 million in America that have washers but no dryers. He accepted that the average dishwasher only lasts about 10 years and we will soon need a new one. He has cut down on washing small loads of laundry as I explained to him that in American homes, washing machines represent more than 22 percent of total water consumption. But he will not listen to me about chicken bones down the drain. And now I must find a garbage disposal repair man. When we needed refrigerator repair years ago we found the best appliance repair Atlanta had but the fridge had just run its 15 to 19 year life expectancy. That Atlanta appliance repair place does not seem to be around anymore. Now I need to shop for an affordable appliance repair place nearby who does garbage disposal repair. I could ask my husband to but last time he did something it was the dishes and it ended with a broken garbage disposal. Maybe he would learn if he were the one to hire the garbage disposal repair man. Read this for more.