Avoiding the Long Distance Mover Scams

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Long distance movers
Looking for long distance movers can seem daunting. Do you go with traditional movers or use pods to transport your possessions? And before you decide, how do you get a reasonable estimate? While moving used to seem like a mystery, you can navigate it fairly easily with a little preliminary research. First, if there is ample time before selecting your long distance movers, you should take the time to evaluate multiple services. Most people tend to do their initial research online with third party review sites. These can be invaluable because they log comments and reviews from previous customers. They will talk about their experiences and any red flags or shortcomings that you should avoid with your long distance movers. Use these sites to narrow down your list of potential movers based on all of the feedback. The next test in determining which movers to use is from the on site estimate. Yes, there may be a company that can give you a preliminary estimate over the phone, but you will be better served by having them come out to look at your home and the possessions that you will be moving. Ultimately it comes down to the weight of your packed home that determines your final pricing, plus their overhead and transportation fees. It takes a skilled estimator to look at your various rooms and determine a preliminary estimate. You should note that the final price is determined after the trailer is loaded and the truck is on the road. While their estimate should be fairly close, you should count on it fluctuating somewhat. Also, this is probably a good time to look at any potential fuel surcharges. As the price of gas crept up over the years, some companies began to directly charge an additional fuel fee. Finally, do not forget to look at supplemental insurance fees. While the moving company is probably required to carry a basic level of protection for your goods, it most likely will not cover complete replacement if something were to happen. You can judge if you would like additional coverage for your move.

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