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Harris Funeral Home in Rochester NY

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Harris Funeral Home

570 Kings Highway South

Rochester, NY 14617

585- 544-2041

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Times have certainly changed since Paul W. Harris established our funeral home in Rochester in 1946. But our commitment to caring for the people in our community has not. Three generations and 65 years later, we’re still serving the needs of Rochester families as one of the oldest independent, family-owned and operated funeral homes and cremation chapels in our area. Compassion, caring and community service are still the foundation of our family. Which is why we’re committed to helping yours.

Granite Automotive in Rapid City SD

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Granite Automotive

404 Cambell St

Rapid City, SD 57701

(605) 342-3400

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Granite Automotive is proud to be your local Rapid City, Spearfish and Chadron, NE Buick, GMC and Nissan Hyundai dealership. Not only do we have a great selection of used cars, but we also have a certified and highly capable service department that can meet all of your service needs on you vehicle. At Granite Automotive, we maintain the absolute best selection of new and used cars, trucks and SUV’s in Rapid City, Sturgis, Belle Fourche and the surrounding areas. Visit our Online Showroom’s to see our extensive internet selection and great internet pricing today.

Lucent Wraps in Costa Mesa CA

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Lucent Wraps

1374 Logan Ave.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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We Design, Produce and Install Custom Vehicle Wraps, Paint Protection Films (Clear Bra), Vehicle Graphics, Boat Wraps, Fleet Graphics, Wall Wraps, Floor Graphics, Window Wraps and much more!

Are You Dealing With a Divorce? Get the Proper Legal Representation

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There are typically 512,000 tort cases on the federal level in America annually, as reported by Statistic Brain. Additionally, all of the American civil lawsuits annually require that $233 billion be spent. Unfortunately, litigation is seemingly inevitable in our society. But if you are in the process of dealing with the divorce process, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible by hiring capable divorce lawyers who assist you in your case. The divorce statistics for America are staggering. About half of all marriages fail, and six out of 10 second marriages end prematurely. When hiring a divorce attorney, it may be important that the professional has experience in defending the rights of her or his clients when it comes to th

What to Do When You Need Cosmetic Dental Work

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Back in the day, if you lost your teeth, the solutions were either to deal with it or to trust in the most primitive of options. Today, there are a bevy of different options for cosmetic dental work, including all on 4 dental implants, full mouth dental implants, mini dental implants and even low cost dental implants. Dental implants are used as replacements for the roots of missing teeth, and they are generally made of titanium. Cosmetic dental procedures have come a long way, and in 2014, the ability to get all on 4 dental implants or full mouth dental implants would be something unheard of 100 years ago. There are even affordable cosmetic dentistry options available for people, and some cosmetic dentists offer

Two Ways to Accurately Measure and Apply Torque

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Did you know that most wrenches are made of iron, steel, or other metal alloys so that they are more durable? However, you must store your wrenches in a tool box so that they do not rust or become exposed to other outdoor hazards. Wrenches are a useful tool because they are an effective way to measure torque, and measuring torque correctly is needed in a variety of situations, such as determining how much torque to use in a vehicle fastener. There are two main types of these tools available, though, so it is important to determine which one best fits your torque-measuring needs. 1. Electronic torque wrench. These types of wrenches measure torque by using a strain gauge that is attached to the torsion rod. Once the correct amount of torque is measured, the signal is converted to the required unit of force

You Can Enjoy Gardening All Year Round!

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Gardening has been among the most popular American hobbies for decades. Although the rise of electronic media like the internet, video games, and an apparent reverence for all things indoors has banished it from the list of the top five American hobbies, gardening remains a favorite pastime for millions of Americans. When it comes to the innumerable healthy and rewarding hobbies in which people can participate, you would be hard pressed to find a single activity that is so beneficial and satisfying in as many ways as gardening. Gardening is not only beneficial to those who derive pleasure form growing plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, gardening is good for the earth, the air, and every single person on the face of the earth. The one drawback of gardening, if you can even call it one, is the fac

Boost Website Traffic With Reseller SEO Services

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As a business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to increase sales. You may have implemented an online store on your website to increase those sales numbers. eCommerce sales topped nearly $200 billion in 2011, so you are probably looking to grab part of those numbers. However, if you do not have sufficient website traffic, it is unlikely that you will experience any increase. You need to make sure that your website is listed high on the search page listings. This is where reseller SEO services can help. According to online retailers, more than 39% of all customers come from search. Additionally, it is estimated that in 2012, 88.1% of Internet users in the U.S. over the age of 14 will browse or research products online. Reseller SEO services can help attract those users to your site. There has also