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Note Taking Apps For Students

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Collaborative editing
Note taking apps for students are quickly becoming mainstream. They provide easy ways to stay on top of classes, while keeping things modern and digital. The best apps for note taking are obviously the cheap ones, since most students who are allowed to use phones are in college, however that is changing as there are high schools now allowing students to use them for study purposes as well. Ebook apps also help students make things easy to manage and digital. With note taking and ebook apps, students have access to a lot of different material that they would not be able to have before. To buy digital textbooks is to not only go green

Repliction of The Past Makes for The Best Furniture of The Future

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Ghost chairs
The word Couch actually comes from the Old French term that means To Recline. It is amazing that we can sit on something for hours everyday for our whole lives, and yet many of us have no idea about the meaning or significance of thing beneath our behinds! At one point, back int he medieval times, chairs were mostly only used by the noblemen or what we would call the upper class, while the lower class peoples sat lower, upon the floorboards. But obviously today, it is fair to claim that these ways have changed. The ideas of a class system are not determined by where or what someone is sitting on anymore. it is actually a silly and degrading concept if you really think about it? Although the past will remain the past, we cannot deny the beauty of a once beautiful era of design. Continue Reading No Comments