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Golf Grip Tips to Get Your Started!

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Delaware golf courses
On the more than 17,000 golf courses across the United States, there are probably four times as many golfers cursing and lamenting their golf game at any given time. That is likely because it is not an easy game, and the difficulty of the sport can take a bit of the fun out of it for a beginner. But the fun need not be lost if you remember this one thing; golf courses are created to be challenging (and maybe a little frustrating). Therein lies the fun of the sport! If you are a beginner to the game and are seeking a few golf grip tips to get you started (and lessen your chance of embarrassment at your next Delaware golf outing), you have come to the right place. Follow these golf grip tips and you will swinging as fast and hard as the av

What to Do if You Need to File for Social Security Disability

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Are you already collecting Social Security? If you are you probably noticed that starting in January 2013, you started getting a whopping $19 more a month. In Florida, one in every 5 residents get a Social Security check each month. Senior Floridians received $49.5 billion in Social Security payments in 2010. The average recipient in Florida gets about $1,152 a month in Social Security benefits. That works out to $13,824 a year. Older Americans see an average of about $4,605 a year in out of pocket expenses for health care. This is three times the rate of the younger population. Many seniors are collecting Social Security disability because they are disabled. Many more should be getting disability checks each month too. However, getting a Social Security Disability claim approved is difficult. That is why it is wise to