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Reasons to Earn Recovery Coach Certification

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Peer specialist training
If you want to offer addiction courses, peer support mental health, recovery coaching or substance abuse training, peer specialist training and recovery coach certification can help. One of the first things that you will have to learn is how to keep an emotional distance from the people you try to help. Most addicts and people struggling with mental health issues are prone to relapse or outbursts. While it is possible to help these people, it must also be understood that they are still responsible for their own lives. You can work in a support capacity, but assuming responsibility for every one of their problems could end up causing problems in your own life. Once you have established a degree of distance between you and the clients you work with, it is possible to help an addict get back on the road to recovery, or help a person with mental health challenges to overcome those challenges. Professional recovery coach certification has helped many people start their long and successful careers. Some people are not able to stick with the work, because of the emotional endurance that it requires. Providing logical, objective support is usually the best way to improve life for someone struggling with mental health challenges or addiction issues. Addiction issues are usually a symptom of a larger problem. If you are able to help an addict understand why they abuse drugs or alcohol, you may be able to restore balance in their lives. It is essential to remember that you are a part of their support system, and not the person responsible for their ongoing recovery. Otherwise, you may feel unnecessary guilt when an addict relapses. Some factors are simply beyond your control, and recovery coach certification will help you understand the difference between effective recovery coaching and unnecessary involvement in the personal lives of your clients. Online research can help you discover recovery coach certification programs. The most reliable recovery coach certification programs have helped many people establish beneficial and addiction services and counseling programs. Typically, a person does not begin a recovery program right away. Rather, once you have earned recovery coach certification, you will work with an established program. Once you have built a rapport with addicts or mental health patients in your area, you may be able to start a program of your own dedicated to improving the lives of people in your community year after year.

How To Earn An Online Degree In Philosophy

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Philosophy degrees are great for those who enjoy dealing with the intangible questions of meaning and importance that surround the human experience. Of course, you’re unlikely to ever have the meaning of life distilled into a simple to understand philosophical answer for you. Nevertheless, if you’d still like to get an online degree in philosophy it will be able to help you in the areas of reflection, logic and critical thinking. These are the skills that are used in attempting to find intellectually relevant answers. So, if all of this is exciting to you but you think that you don’t have time to go to school, maybe an online philosophy degree would be the right answer for you. Whenever you’re ready to get your online degree in philosophy you should take some time to look into the following schools, all of which offer online philosophy degrees: 1. London University offers 2 online degrees in philosophy. A bachelor of arts degree consisting of 10 units and a diploma program consisting of 4 units. The diploma course is a stepping stone to the BA program. The courses’ flexibility allows you 3 to 8 years to complete your degree for approximately 4 thousand dollars. 2. The University of Illinois offers 3 areas of core study including analytical, the history of philosophy and values, which includes ethics. Each concentration requires 8 study hours. You’ll also need to complete 4 hours in your specialty with 32 hours worth of electives and compulsory courses. In order to be accepted for taking your courses online, you’ll need to have taken at least 2 degree level classes in either logic or critical thinking, submit a 1,000 word explanation of your interest in philosophy, submit a 150 word statement explaining why you chose to attend UIS online was chosen and recommend submit a reference letter. Only 25 new students per year are accepted to receive an online degree in philosophy from this school. 3. The American Military University offers a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy, which consists of 121 credits. While tuition typically costs around $30,000, if you’re a military member you may qualify to attend for free. Through these courses you’ll not only earn an online degree in philosophy but you’ll also achieve several objectives including the recognition and application of logic; the composition and critical analysis of a philosophical question; and the analysis and evaluation of philosophical arguments from historical and contemporary sources. Once you’ve successfully completed your online degree in philosophy you can expect to work in one of the following fields: * Public service * Teaching * Research * Journalism * Media * Business